Expert en systèmes de géolocalisation et fusion de données en temps réel. 


Our Knowhow

Turnkey Tracking System

AYUDO offers all-inclusive, turnkey geolocation systems: tags + packages + access to a functional geolocalation platform and the associated training. These devices are mainly dedicated to companies exposed to safety risks, (personnel in risk zones, transport of securities), logisticians anxious to track their expeditions and safety managers eager to implement the powerful tools of travel management.

Geolocation Server

AYUDO offers devices manufacturers and tracking integrators complete SAAS or deported servers in order to enrich their tracking solutions by the white label provision of complete geolocation software. Our geolocation servers integrate numerous functionalities (remote commands, geofences, history, etc.) and can be customised according to your specific needs or your market.

DRADIS Hypervisor

Our data management platform enables the fusion, processing and distribution of multiple data sources in real time. These systems are dedicated to operators trafficking large volumes of on-the-fly or offline data and wanting to better exploit them.
Embedded telematics, IoT, Safety… DRADIS enables professionals to distribute and enhance their permanent data flows for operational or commercial purposes.

Defense & Safety

Since 2015, AYUDO designs and distributes solutions specific to the needs of law enforcement and military forces. Survey tools, spinning assistants, dedicated mobile applications: Our tools allow the fusion and real-time exploitation of numerous data sources enabling investigators and operational staff to be more efficient in the field in real-time and to be able to analyse offline data.

DRADIS® Hypervisor


Work Flow Management

  • Inputs from your systems (devices, loT, … )
  • Inputs from partner systems (tracking servers)
  • Via non invasive AMQP protocols
  • Outputs to your interfaces
  • Outputs to third-party operating systems

Improve Data Quality

  • Adjust Data
  • Standardise data according to a dynamic data model
  • Enrich data from external sources
  • Organise data storage and backup

Data Mining

  • Integrate operating interfaces
  • Deploy Data Mining and Machine Learning tools
  • Manage complex access rights
  • Share data with external systems.
  • Share Data with third part external systems


Our History

Founded in 2011, AYUDO works with private groups around the world to help secure their personnel and investments by providing turnkey tracking systems.
Since 2013, AYUDO has specialised in the 'software' aspect of tracking systems by providing tools for managing and exploiting GPS data to our partners in the world of telematics, security and defence.
To date, AYUDO integrates data transmitted by numerous systems from tracking of
packages and containers for logisticians to public service helicopters via surveying systems and embedded telematics.

Our Vision

AYUDO is the first French operator to offer complete devices deployed directly in or customers’ infrastructures guaranteeing them the preservation of their device, security according to their requirements and optimal valuation of their data.
Our tools allow our customers to retain ownership and COMPLETE control of their data in a flexible, dynamic and scalable environment.


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